What to do when your partner tells you they want space.

what do you do?

Sometimes in our life, we crave space. We want to be away from things so we could think properly or take a break from all the adrenaline rush we feel — the same thing happens in relationships. You might need space to think about your life or analyze the relationship properly especially when things are going as fast as Money Heist season 5.

So your partner just asked for space and you are worried something is up or they want to leave you — take a chill pill, there are some reasons they could be asking for space;

1. They are facing some challenges especially mentally.

2. They need to focus more on their personal life especially work, school etc

3. They no longer feel comfortable in the relationship and they need time to understand the relationship.

There are more factors or reasons but let’s stop here cause I know some of you in this situation right now might be like “madam, I came to know what to do” but you have to understand that when your partner asks for space, you should know the reason so you can understand their feelings. Let’s look at what to do in this dreadful situation(yes dreadful because nobody wants their partner to need space from them especially when you are the clingy type)

1. Try to understand the need for space, don’t take it personal, remind yourself that as humans we need breaks sometimes and healthy relationships have their offs and ons.

2. Limit communication but don’t stop communicating, call or text once in a while to check up on them to keep the connection going, don’t just disappear completely and don’t also suffocate them with texts or calls because that will make the space ineffective and remember you are to respect that space.

3. Hang out more with your friends and family during this time and talk with them about the situation.

4. Use this period of space to work on yourself; your mental health, career, academics, social life and every other aspect of your life even your relationship, this is the time to look at those things you overlooked in the relationship, check your flaws in the relationship and think about what you really want in the relationship or from the relationship. So now it’s not just your partner benefiting from the space, you are also benefiting from it.

5. You are scared of being alone? Well now is the time to work on that, learn to be alone without a partner because you don’t know what this “break” might bring up.

6. Don’t use this opportunity to be unfaithful, a break or space doesn’t validate unfaithfulness except it’s a breakup.

Now you might want to know how long this space take, it can take a day or few weeks, it just depends on the situation and why the space is being taken but if you feel it’s dragging on then check in with your partner and if they don’t give a reasonable response then there’s a problem and this might no longer be about giving space but breaking up. A month is enough space.



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