What is home to you?

Hey there, how are you doing? I hope things have been well with you and if not, I’m sending you all my love.

I thought to point out that through this, you’ll get to see different things that’d give you an idea of what my person is like. I’m a bookish person. I’m not saying I’m a bookworm or a super smart person, I just love books and I love to read too ever since I was a child but it dawned on me only recently that I had never been to a bookstore because my mum always bought everything i needed for me and a bookish and much older friend of mine had discovered a number of them and invited me to an event that usually holds at one of them. The day I visited that place was the day love had a new meaning to me.

It was beautiful in a way words would never do justice. It felt like I had walked into a different universe, one that I didn’t wish to get out of. An array of colours showing different books in their different genres. The smell of new books and the ambience had my heart in an instant chokehold. How could I not be in love?

But for my first day, my awkwardness as a person got the best of me and I couldn’t “explore” as much as I would have loved to. But you see, my heart was already struck with a plethora of feelings about this bookstore, all positive. I knew I wanted to come there again. And I did.

The second visit confirmed my thoughts on the possibility of falling in love with a place. The people in it as much as the books had moved me in a way even I do not understand. I was hooked. And I was happy I was.

Ouida Lagos showed me love in a way I hadn’t quite experienced before and I felt safe there. Happy, comfortable, and at peace.

And in a moment of thinking, I realized Ouida was what I’d love home to be to me. Someone had once said, home isn’t necessarily the house you live in. Sometimes it’s a thing, a person and even a place. And the warmth I felt here was nothing short of what I wanted to experience in whichever place I considered home.

If no other person or bookstore sweeps me off my feet the way Ouida has, I guess it’s safe to safe Ouida is home to me.

And now, you. What is home to you?

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