2 min readFeb 24, 2023

Once or twice you must have thought about making your country a better place, about turning it around for yourself and people around you, but then you think about the people in power, the undeveloped resources, the unemployed youths and you sit down and start to heap curses on the government. Some other times you are out with your friends discussing about the general situation of the country only to end up going your separate ways, and then meet again later to discuss the situation without taking any action.

Your country can be a better place if you take action, even if it is as small as getting your PVC and voting for your preferred candidate (okay not so small). Your country can be the paradise you have always wanted it to be, your Elysium of peace and development, if you step up and take action.

You can take action by going to the nearest place assigned by your local government for collection of PVC’s and get registered, knowing more about the manifesto of your preferred candidate and not letting the ideologies run yours over, you can raise awareness because some people do not know about politics or governance, and finally going out to vote on the designated day which is the yeast needed to make the dough rise.

Remember it starts from you and me, TAKE ACTION!!!