On tiredness and getting rest

Sometime last week, I didn’t leave the house for a couple of days even though I had things to go out for. I was overwhelmed and seemingly burned out.
For some reason, among the many other symptoms and things that make me realize that I really am stressed, one thing that always happens when I’m very stressed is that I tend to have breakouts on my skin. My acne is worse than usual and it’s always frustrating. Last week, I realized how much worse my breakouts could get because i was seeing my face in its worse and I couldn’t do anything but cry and put in more efforts to rest and do my skincare and i remembered something a friend said to me once. “For majority of us, we never take breaks when we know we need them, it’s until our body decides to buckle under and gives up that we get rest and it’s usually never convenient because it’s out of the blue.”
I do understand that the world doesn’t revolve around one person and wouldn’t take a pause or come to a stop because you’re stressed or overwhelmed but at the same time, it’s only logical to remember that it won’t stop if you’re gone so why don’t you take care of yourself while you’re here?
Masturdate. Take a break. Have a spa day. See your doctor for check ups. Relax. However you think you can. Just try to relax.
No matter how much you’re seemingly cherished or you’re important, you can always be replaced and while I’m not trying to focus on that, I need to point it out so you see better why you need to take care.
Whatever it is you’re doing would never die if you’re absent for a while so for your sake, do try to relax.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and you can also leave a comment if you liked this.

Sending you love and hugs always,



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