Insecurity is real: Here are some precautions to take.

please keep safe..

Some weeks ago I thought I was getting kidnapped. I had said my last prayers, asked forgiveness for any possible sin I may have committed, while giving God reasons why I shouldn’t be kidnapped or why I shouldn’t have to die. Looking back now, I realize that while my entire moment of panicking was justifiable, it wouldn’t have been that scary if the country wasn’t the way it was. I don’t want to go into much detail but I was taken way out of my destination and at the point where it was just me, the bus conductor, and driver in the bus; all I could see was the late Bamishe and myself being the probable next and it terrified me to the marrow.

It’s 2022 and one would expect that the country would have developed a good enough security system. Sadly, one’s expectations lessens by the day — last week, a train enroute Kaduna from Abuja was blown up by suspected bandits. Where is the government? It’s hard to comprehend that the “change” in the Nigerian political context means deterioration and not an improvement. Nobody’s safe! Not men, and especially not women! Since we’re all on our own, we need to take all necessary precautions to shield ourselves from harm. The government is indifferent.

We’re all we have, so we need to start acting like it. If there’s somewhere you intend going and you need to tell a friend or family. In my opinion, if there’s anywhere you want to be and you can’t simply inform anyone that you’ll be there, then you really shouldn’t be there. I’m not speaking on moral grounds but on security.

People have gone job hunting, embarked on legitimate journeys while taking proper precautions and still experienced unfortunate things. So why shouldn’t we? In my opinion, not taking precautions opens us you more to victimhood and it really would not be in your favor to take such a gamble on your life.

Here are some safety precautions I think everyone should really observe since we live in a world where even the security system has failed us as much as humanity has:

~ Always inform someone about your movements. Could be family or friends. Just ensure someone on your team knows where you are or where you are headed at all times.

~ Share your location. If you’re going anywhere, sharing your location from the Uber ride, club, School with a friend or family member is also another way to stay safe.

~ Be reachable at all times and have at least one person you can reach at all times. You would never know the importance of this until you’re in a situation but I hope you never are but it’s only best to take precautions.

~ Also it is important to vote. You probably wonder how voting has anything to do with all of this but while we talk about the failed system, we get to decide the people in power. Let’s do our best to vote in a person suitable for making a change in the country like we desire and making it a safer place for us all to co exist. Here’s the link to register for your permanent voter’s card:

Rest in Peace, Dr. Chinelo Nwando. This country failed you.



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