For the Dreamers

3 min readFeb 16, 2023

Originally, this letter would only be on people wanting to see results without caring about the effort that go into getting those results but now, it’s a lot more about being your biggest cheerleader besides that.

Sometime in 2022, Tobi Amusan had become rather popular after breaking some records in the sports world and had everyone talking — myself included and an acquaintance, Michael Emmanuel made a post that said something like “Everyone’s proud when you have achievements, the lie that’s told to other dreamers is ‘I’m rooting for you’.” I’m paraphrasing by the way. And I’d texted him because I had written an unfinished article on something similar and simply put, I agreed with his opinion and we’d had a whole conversation on it.

There are times people blow up and I hear people say stuff like “He/She/They blew up for nothing” and whether or not I liked the person being spoken of or what they represent, I consider it unfair to put down a person’s effort because I do believe no one blows up for nothing.

If you didn’t have anything going on for yourself, there’d be nothing to blow up about you and if you haven’t been putting effort to go from your original state with your interests, talents or skills to being much better in them, you wouldn’t be good enough to be put out loud and blown up. So while I could be wrong, I believe no one blows up for nothing and putting people’s efforts to nothing is unfair.

No matter how overly skilled or gifted a person is, until they’re made popular by those skills, all a person does is continually put in effort to get better. And if ironically, they never get seen, only they would know how much they’ve put into their goals.

Here’s where being your biggest cheerleader comes in. When you finally make something for yourself, you may or may not be in the favour of most people and whenever you get there, you’d have to remind yourself that for every progressive step you make, you have put in the effort to achieving it whether or not people acknowledge you and that you are worthy and deserving of everything you get.

But eventually, it’s important to note that not doing anything and hoping you get seen enough to show what you can do is delusional. You’re placed on a scale based on what you have to show for yourself so even if everyone does, you should never doubt but have a strong faith in yourself.

Also, while some may be untrue, it’s important to know that there are people who actually root for you.

Wishing you the best as always,