Some days back, we had issues with our light in my area and the rain was a whole lot too coincidentally. We didn’t have light as usual but what was unusual was us actually not having light at all. I’ll explain. We have a solar powered inverter at home so whether or not there was light, we always did have light and I was absolutely used to it. I think anyone would be actually because who doesn’t like the good stuff? But for two days consecutively, I had access to very little light and it affected me terribly, I was too used to the comfort of having it that I really hated not having it and for some reason, I thought a lot about it and it made remember some other things I’ve been up to and how I was struggling with the thoughts of change but here’s what thinking it through has made me realize: Change sometimes brings you a second chance at doing things in life. For the first situation, I hated but I had survived the days without light that when a similar situation happened at work which I am most of the day, I was quite nonchalant and unaffected because I’d been able to work with both side of the coin that change had shown me.

In some circumstances, it’s hard to accept but sometimes, situations also help you see better how helpful change can be. For something so constant in the human life, change is quite terrifying. But if you’re able to look beyond your fears of the unknown, you realize that change can be a very beautiful thing and a chance to do things differently and even better.

Does this mean you’d easily embrace changes when they come? Not necessarily so but with an open mind, I believe you’d be ready and able to make and take change unwaveringly.

Here’s what I’ll leave you with though. Keep your chin up and your mind open. The world is quite the ride and change will always happen. But with an open mind, the ride’s a lot smoother. You’ll do just fine.





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